I/O-Hardware for the Internet of Things

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The easy way to get real world data into your app

Getting started

  1. Plug your sensor wires into HEINS
  2. Connect HEINS over Ethernet to your computer.
  3. Power on
  4. Send a REST-API-request or subscribe to the HEINS internal MQ-Server

Done! Now you can start creating your own awesome app!


Our vision is to give software developers an easy device in their hands so they can connect their apps to the real world in a very easy way.


HEINS - Small I/O-Device under Open Hardware licence

Use Cases

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Email: info@heins.io
Twitter: @heins_io

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Free Open Source Project

HEINS is a non-commercial non-profit Free Open Source Project. That means, that both the hardware and the core-software are Free Open Source (like MIT-Licence).

Our Team

We are an european team of hardware designers, software frontend and backend developers, graphic designers and marketing guys interested in doing cool stuff for the Internet of Things.


If you like to contribute to the HEINS-project please get in contact.

Github: www.github.com/heins